1. Sun Is Dub (DPH037)
    The Dubbstyle

  2. Pursuit of Balance (DUB013)
    Hermit Dubz

  3. Space Stepper (DUB012)

  4. Nilotic (DUB011)

  5. The Wing Chun Album (DUB010)
    Foshan Roots

  6. Creation (DPH036)
    Dub Riots & Indamouse ft. Bluez

  7. South Of The River Clyde (DPH035)
    The Dubwegians

  8. Reggae Sunjam Vol. 2 (DUB009)
    Various Artists

  9. Walk With Jah (DUB008)
    The Manor

  10. The Legacy of the Sun (DUB007)

  11. I am a Rootsman (DPH034)
    Culture Horn ft. Madi Simmons

  12. Sky Warrior Dub (DPH033)
    Foshan Roots

  13. Reggae Sunjam (DUB006)
    Various Artists

  14. Book Of Daniel (DPH032)

  15. Greetings From Planet Dub (DPH031)

  16. Quipu Remixes (DPH030)
    No Finger Nails

  17. Introspección (DPH029)

  18. Reprise (DPH028)

  19. Red Star Martyrs (DPH027)
    Red Star Martyrs

  20. In Da Name of Jah (DPH026)
    Eter Dub

  21. Keep on moving (DPH025)
    Mastermind XS

  22. Fyah fi Babylon (DUB005)
    Hermit Dubz ft Knati P

  23. Education fi Resist (DUB004)
    Infiammati Dub ft. Mannaroman

  24. Legal Rmxs (DPH024)
    Mr Zebre ft Rebel-I

  25. Power To Slay Giants (DUB003)
    Dillon Wyte

  26. King Solomon's Dub (DUB002)
    Med Dred meets Shaky Norman

  27. Celebrity fever / Reworks and Dubs (DPH023)
    Zion Dirty Sound

  28. Simona (DPH022)
    The Dubbstyle

  29. Electrorgánico (DPH021)

  30. Run and Tell REMIXED (DPH020)
    Mexican Stepper ft. Rebel-I

  31. Labyrinth (DPH019)

  32. Enkang (DPH018)

  33. United as one (DPH017)
    Dubophonic meets Dubkey

  34. Rudies in Dub (DUB001)
    Koncrete Roots

  35. Rudie Dubplates (DPH016)
    Koncrete Roots

  36. Do Good (DPH015)
    Komadub ft. Zion Irie

  37. Studio Dubs Part 1 (DPH014)

  38. Time for tea (DPH013)
    Red Star Martyrs

  39. Outta Here (DPH012)

  40. Dub ina Midlands (DPH011)
    Koncrete Roots

  41. Explorations in Dub (DPH010)

  42. Revolution (DPH009)
    Jennifer Paulos

  43. Love fi life (DPH008)
    Ibel Campbell meets Med Dred

  44. Samadhi (DPH007)
    Karma Dub

  45. I & I (DPH006)
    Red Star Martyrs

  46. The Mad Sunday (DPH005)
    Mexican Stepper

  47. Dred Reggae (DPH004)
    Med Dred

  48. Fils d' Abraham (DPH003)
    Zion Dirty Sound

  49. Guetto roots of dub (DPH002)

  50. Creation (DPH001)


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